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What if working out didn’t have to be a chore anymore, and excited you and empowered you?

What if working out became your fuel to live a larger life that you know you’re meant for?

From having more energy to keep up with your kids, feeling less pain, enjoying your days from the moment you wake up to when you rest your head at night, or as simple as feeling confident naked, we've got you covered.


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Money Back Guarantee

Here's the secret to fitness: easy habits

The secret to feeling better, building endurance, becoming stronger, whatever it is that you want to achieve is: easy habits.

The essence of it is to worry about the little things. Each micro habit, if done intentionally from your morning routine, breathing, hydration, eating, stress response, daily movement and so on, all layered upon one another make up your days, who you become and therefore dictates how your life unfolds. Good or bad.

But I want to make it GOOD for you. Because you deserve to live a larger life. We all do.

With The Personalized Progress Coaching method, it's an easy
systematic approach and proven science-backed systems that will help you to lose fat, reduce pain, increase energy and maintain a positive lifestyle change.

In as little as 12 weeks together I'll bring out the best version of you,
all you have to do is show up.

Perseverance Athletics Superhero Clients

remote coaching success

"Within 6 months of just dumbbells and his custom home exercise program I lost 13 pounds"

I started training in the summer of July 2021 and I am happy to say within 6 months of just dumbbells and his custom home exercise program I lost 13 pounds, my abdominal fat decreased and my energy level increased to allow me to scale in my real estate business & help me to take care of my patients while working my 12 hours night shifts.

- Alvin W.

cerebral palsy workout

"Being positive when I need the encouragement to keep going."

I'm 27 years old and I have cerebral palsy. It means that I have muscle tightness all through my body and I have mobility issues. Especially with my legs. Working with Eric has been awesome! He's really good at modifying workouts and being positive when I need the encouragement to keep going. He's super knowledgeable and constantly learning and improving his knowledge base so he can help his clients. I find that working with him has done wonders for my balance and strength and I'm looking forward to working with him more in the future!

- Ewan L.

ringette workout

"Every day is a new day to learn and grow. "

What I like most about training with Eric is that every session, we do something different. Whether it’s working on stability, lifting, boxing, gymnastics, quickness, stretching & taking care of my body, even helping me on changing my diet! Every day is a new day to learn and grow. I’ve been so fortunate to train with Eric

- Julia W.

72 working out

"I am a better person and in better health thanks to Eric’s training."

I am no spring chicken, but I am arthritis free. I am way stronger, have more endurance and energy, am better coordinated and have better balance and flexibility than I have had in a very long time. I am a better person and in better health thanks to Eric’s training.

- Nicole B.

lavergne constrcution

"Push me beyond any limits I had set for myself."

I met Eric back in December 2021, I was confident that he was so knowledgeable & experienced as a personal trainer that he would be the man to help me achieve my goals.

Fast forward to a year and bit later, and we have built such a special connection; I trust him fully, which has allowed him to push me beyond any limits I had set for myself.

Eric keeps on surprising me every day and I plan on training with him for a very long time.

- Edgar L.

online training

"His energy and consistent encouragement keeps me motivated"

What started as a 12 weeks program to kick start my goal to finally get in shape, turned out to be so much more.

Eric is the reason I reached my goal and a vital part of my ongoing success. His energy and consistent encouragement keeps me motivated to finish every new and challenging workouts he comes up with.

- Charline R.

I’ll bring out the best version of you, all you have to do is show up.


The new way of doing this

Customized Programming

Programming specifically tailored to your unique body, needs, goals and areas for improvement.

Accountability Guaranteed

Never miss a workout or skip a new habit with the ultimate accountability system in your pocket with the PA app's reminders.

Trainer In Your
Pocket 24/7

Access your trainer 24/7 via the app and message anytime with questions and comments.

Made For The Busy Humans of 2023

Easy to do workouts that will maximize your time and efforts to get the most on your investment. See results, fast.

Save Money

Afford the luxury of a personal trainer and personalized training without the cost of paying for a gym membership.

Tailored For You

... and only you.
Build confidence and  skills in learning exactly what to do for your unique body to gain the best results & long term effects. 

Save Time

Squeeze the most juice of our your precious
time and gain maximum results during these impactful & time-efficient workouts. 

Feel Better

Quit running on fumes and start recharging your battery by reducing pain, gaining strength in the process and increasing overall energy.

Meet Coach Zeng

Coach Zeng has been in the fitness industry for over
a decade and loves what he does!
In his words, "I get to train superheroes.
What other job gets to do that?"

He's the Head Coach, founder and CEO of Perseverance Athletics Ltd. operating out of Ottawa, Canada.

While he enjoys all forms of fitness, his specialties are
within functional fitness,mobility protocols, olympic lifting, boxing and fixing pain. His clients range from16 to 73 years young. And he strongly believes that there is no one-size
fits all fitness program.

He’s helped hundreds of clients from all around the
world achieve their dream results and build habits that not
only last for a season but for a lifetime.

Have specific questions about your fitness journey?  Book a call with our team below and we bet that we can help.

coach eric zeng

Feel better, fast.

As a busy professional, parent, student, etc., finding the time to exercise can be hard.

Showing up and not feeling confident in knowing how or what to do that day for a workout, or even if you have the proper form feels awful,  embarrassing and it's a safety concern.

If you're tight on time but desperately want to squeeze more out of your day, recharge your energy, feel less pain and build confidence then this remote training is the community for you.

With the proper guidance, flexibility and fully customized training plans you'll feel empowered to move forward into a stronger version of you!

remote coaching success

Perseverance Athletics' remote training provides the tools, fully tailored solutions, knowledge, resources and accountability you need to move with confidence and energy, to improve your well being, and achieve your big beautiful goals. And all the while being able to comfortably fit your workouts into your limited time.

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live. — Jim Rohn

Step 1

1:1 Personalized assessment of your goals and assess how your unique body moves, your strengths and areas for improvement.

Step 2

Your customized programming is curated to your needs and delivered into your account.
Now the fun part -
ready, set, go!

Step 3

Your coach will meet with you privately 1:1 on a biweekly basis to assess and adjust accordingly. Support is always on the other side of a message.

That’s it! Simple and easy to use systems in place to track progress, layer your new positive habits and constant support whenever you need it.

Personalized Progress Coaching

Training program is for 12 weeks

  • Risk Free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • ​Personalized Daily Check-in’s & Accountability Reminders
  • ​​Unlimited Access to Coach Z with Your Questions & Feedback
  • ​Minimal Equipment Required *can be done with zero equipment
  • Private Intake Assessment on Zoom ($200 Value)
  • Customized Training Program ($1,050 Value)
  • ​6X 1:1 Biweekly Check-in 30 Minute Calls on Zoom ($500 Value)
  • ​Unlimited Access to Coach Z’s App & Movement Library ($150 Value)
  • ​Lifetime access to The 5 Protocols to Improve Your Health Masterclass Series ($1,200 Value)
  • 12X Remote Group Coaching Sessions with Coach Zeng and his online students & alumni ($1,080 Value)
  • ​12X Remote Group Workout Sessions with Coach Zeng and students & alumni ($1,440 Value)
  • ​*Free Full Nutrition Plan For The First 5 People To Join! ($450 Value)

Total Value: $5,620

Cost: $1,599 

Doors Are Currently Open - Only 10 Spots Are Available 

Pay In Three Payments of $533 + HST or
Pay In Full & Save An Extra 10% (That’s $159.90 in Savings!)

easy remote coaching
low cost personal training

Join now so you don’t miss your chance to start feeling more energized, happy and looking your best before this summer!


Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I know when to start a fitness program?

If you can move about safely, you can start a fitness program. *If you're concerned about starting a fitness program consult a physician prior.

 Can I pay with a payment plan?

Of course! You can in three payment instalments of $553 + HST.

 What if I have no time?

I get it. In fact, the number one reason anyone waits to hire a coach is because they don’t have time. The challenge is WHEN will you have more time? Book a call with me so we can see where you can carve out time and help you make the shift in your life that you've craving and deserve right now. Could that be worth your time?

How long is the programming?

We do a minimum of 3 months for programming, but depending on the goals may require a longer duration of time. We have different types, so go get in touch with our team to see which option makes the most sense for your unique needs.

 Is programming tailored to my personal needs?

Yes! It’s 100% customized to your personal needs, goals and abilities.

 What kind of equipment do I need?

If you don’t have any that's totally fine. If you do have access to 15-30lbs dumbbells, or access to a gym that's the cherry on top.

 Why are only 10 spots available when the doors open?

Our goal is to provide the absolute best experience, so limiting the amount of seats is the best way for us to make our limited students top priority.

 Is there a waiting list for the next time the doors open to the PPC program?

Yep! Email us at to be added to the list for updates.

A Healthier You, Everyday.

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