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Personalized Progress Coaching gives you the
#1 secret method to feeling better, NOW.

The feel better fast solution. Tailored programming to your specific goals and needs. Made only for you

Learn how to workout for your unique body (in as little as 30 minutes a day) and how fitness goes beyond just workouts.


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"Make time for your health or make time for illness." - Robin Sharma

Who Else Wants To Find A Workout Program That Gets Them To Their Goals Faster And Without The Guesswork?

Personalized Progress Coaching Reveals How!

You're in the right place if you want to...

  • Access the luxury of a customized workout program and your personal trainer & nutritionist in your pocket 24/7
  • STOP needless stress over what to workout and wondering, 'Am I doing this properly?' - Forevermore!
  • ​Gain confidence - get back to feeling like yourself​
  • Wake up with energy to take on the day and accomplish all the things you need to do - with joy
  • Reduce pain and feel relief, FAST
  • Ditch the feeling of being tired all the time and become the energetic and bright version of you
  • ​Be the person that takes care of themselves and invests time in self-care for their health
  • ​Finally check off those goals that have been sitting on your 'someday' list...
  • Maximize your workouts in your limited time 

What others are saying about us

Meet Perseverance Athletic's Superhero Clients

"Within 6 months of just dumbbells and his custom home exercise program I lost 13 pounds"

I started training in the summer of July 2021 and I am happy to say within 6 months of just dumbbells and his custom home exercise program I lost 13 pounds, my abdominal fat decreased and my energy level increased to allow me to scale in my real estate business & help me to take care of my patients while working my 12 hours night shifts.

- Alvin W.

"I am a better person and in better health thanks to Eric’s training"

I am no spring chicken, but I am arthritis free. I am way stronger, have more endurance and energy, am better coordinated and have better balance and flexibility than I have had in a very long time. I am a better person and in better health thanks to Eric’s training.

- Nicole B.

"His energy and consistent encouragement keeps me motivated"

What started as a 12 weeks program to kick start my goal to finally get in shape, turned out to be so much more.

Eric is the reason I reached my goal and a vital part of my ongoing success. His energy and consistent encouragement keeps me motivated to finish every new and challenging workouts he comes up with.

- Charline R.

Why Other Programs Have Failed You

After speaking with dozens of clients most say "I failed" when it comes to their attempt at a cookie cutter program. Leaving many feeling like they're the problem and that something is wrong with them. And it's just simply not true.

The truth is that there is nothing wrong with you or the hundreds of thousands who have not achieved their promised goals in these types of programs. There's something wrong with these programs and they have failed you and many others.Put simply, they were not made with you in mind.

Can we all agree that there is and will only be one of you in all of time? There will be nobody else on this planet exactly as you are, except for, well... YOU!

You are unique and your body is a highly unique machine that requires specifically tailored programming to help you achieve your desired outcomes. You can have it all - you just need the right plan, for you.

I'll Bring Out The Best In You.
All You Need To Do Is Show Up. - Coach Zeng