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The Ultimate Morning Routine for MAGIC Results ⏰

Anyone can skyrocket energy, productivity and health by injecting a little routine into their mornings. Simple tricks below.

I rolled out of bed at 7am with my toddler making sounds (more like screaming "DADDY!!!"), and as I jolt up, I'm groggy and grumpy.

I'm already feeling like I'm putting my heavy backpack of to-dos, deadlines, appointments, etc. on my back. Ugh, so heavy. Can you relate?

I'm instantly trying to plan on when can I squeeze in a nap from the moment I wake up, because I felt awful. And this feeling was repeating day after day like Groundhog Day.

In this post we're going to discuss why a morning routine is crucial for self-care and leading you down the road to skyrocket your productivity and become a better, more successful YOU.

silly toddler

"The secret to your future is hidden in your daily routine."  -  Mike Murdock

How To Stop Bad Habits From Taking Over

Here's the funny thing: I didn't always wake up at the very last second and launch myself into the day from the wrong side of the bed.

Before having a baby, I used to wake-up with my curated morning routine and take my precious time in doing the things that brought me joy and filled my cup. And it worked!

So now, circling back to my 7am screaming wake-up call, I looked at myself in the mirror and thought 'my god, you look like a miserable piece of crap.' Might sound over critical but it had been one too many (1.5 + years) of these types of mornings. I needed a kick in my butt. And nobody but myself could do that.

My grumpy, wrong side of the bed mornings were having me dragging my feet, hobbling from one coffee to the next to keep myself engaged and by the time I was actually feeling like myself was midday. Half my day had been wasted in a state of ugh and it was my worst habit.

What I failed to realize was that I had a new morning routine, and it was not serving me. I was running on autopilot and ruining my productivity & experience of time.

The reality is that we all have a morning routine, however with dialled in intentions, that's where we get to squeeze the most juice out of our days and live larger, more fulfilling life.

Morning Routines & Night Routines Are One In The Same

Morning routines start the night before.

If you're playing a sport and you're setting up for that play, then you get ready, set, and aim, and hope to score, right? Your night routine is the set up of the play, and the morning routine is the execution of the play.

How we set up our evening predicates how the following morning will unfold.

Go to bed late? You'll likely get less sleep. No bueno.

Scrolling on your phone right before you lay your head? Our poor brains can't expect to turn down and relax after this tidal wave of information just hit us. Double no bueno.

Was the house is left in chaos from the day, but feeling so dead tired that it'll have to wait until tomorrow to tidy? Recipe for overwhelm when you wake up + a less than fun scavenger hunt in the morning to find your stuff to get out the door.

If we can intentionally plan out our play for the evening, we're far more likely to execute in the morning and win the morning, too.

Morning Routine Myths

I'm not a morning person, so morning routines are not for me/ I don't have time for a morning routine. Does this sound familiar?

I'd like to dispel these limiting beliefs because these are so far from the truth.

If you're in the category of not feeling like a morning person, not a problem. However, regardless of if you're a morning person or not, the morning will come, right?

Why not reframe and set yourself up to be a 'productive person' instead or labelling it as a 'morning person'. This is not to say that you must be chipper and singing with the birds from the moment you wake up, or even having to talk to anyone before you have your first cup of coffee. Keep whatever boundaries serve you but remove the narrative of you 'don't do' simply because mornings feel hard. It's worth considering: are mornings hard because of a lack of routine?

If you're a busy human like 100% of us, then that is the exact reason why you need to make time for a morning routine.

Morning routines have this bad wrap that they're this intense multi-step process that takes upwards of an hour. No, it can be so much simpler than that. The essence of a morning routine is to start by stacking positive habits that serve you to set up and win your day. It's fully customizable and unique to you.

For example, to start with one to three positive habits, like waking up at a specific time, washing up and expressing gratitude in your journal or out loud would take no longer than 5–10 minutes. But through this act of intentional action, you've not only carved out time for you and you alone, but you've primed your mind and body to be in the right state of mind before the day comes at you from all angles.

best morning routine

AM Routines Optimized

If you're looking for some ideas to jazz up your morning routine, I've got a few for you.

  • Waking up at the same time every day: our body & mind love structure. Rising and resting at the same time gives the body predictability and will begin to intuitively help you fall asleep faster when you rest and will wake you often before your alarm even goes off. Win-win!
  • Write down a list of things that energize you: meditation, exercise, reading, shower, etc. And piece how each item could fit into your morning.
  • Try setting up everything in place the night before: From laying out your clothes, lining up your skin care products on the vanity for easy access, meal prepping your breakfast/ packing a lunch for the next day, etc. so you already feel on top of it all and in total control.​

Pro Tip: become curious! Don't get down on yourself if one thing doesn't do the magic trick right away. As a rule of thumb, I generally give something a week and if it's not serving me, then I tweak from there.

Different Morning Routines For Different Seasons

Life is bananas. We're going to have highs and lows at different times of our lives.

There might be a time when you've brought a tiny human into the world and you're up every hour of the night, or you're working insane hours to drive your career forward. It can seem chaotic, but a routine makes it just so that this chaos is manageable.

In these times be mindful not to ditch the morning routine and start running on autopilot. That's just a recipe for overwhelm. Instead aim to simplify and keep it short but impactful. This way your cup is filled for the day, come what may.

Or perhaps it's a rest and reset period in your life and you're focused on more self-time and you can experiment more with different acts of self-care. This is where you can get super curious and make these elaborate routines that prime you for the day and energize you even more than usual.

Wherever you land, know that your routine does not have to be rigid and there's no right or wrong way, just your own way. If it makes you feel good and be well, then you're on the right track.

My morning routine example

Examples help me learn and apply, so if that works well for your brain too, then here's my morning routine.

4:05AM - Wake-up using this light alarm clock (light waking is more natural with our circadian rhythm and waking with the sun. Bonus: it's much more peaceful than a blaring alarm with sound + my partner doesn't get woken up in the process.)

4:05–4:15AM - Shower/ wash-up

4:15–4:45AM - Yoga

4:45–5AM - Meditation

5–5:15AM - Make coffee & veggie greens (I use these AG1 Greens - helps a lot with energy)

5–6:45AM - Content creation: blogs, ads, or copy for business materials. I get the highest ticket item that pays the most in terms of moving the needle forward done first. #winthedayearly

Note: I do not check my email during this time - it's a HUGE time sucker for myself + energy killer. No, thank you! Also, I do not consume anything in terms of content in the morning; all efforts are poured into creation to avoid distraction from others and maximum creativity! This is the create before you consume rule.

6:45–7AM - Prep breakfast for my son, make bed, take phone off airplane mode.

And why not add it here too - here's what I do the night before to help my morning routine thrive:

7:30–7:45PM - Put my son to bed.

7:45–8PM - Tidy up from the day. Get all my items in place like my bag for work, clothes, food for tomorrow, and phone is put on airplane mode.

8–8:20PM - Wash up

8:20–8:30PM - Journal

8:30–9PM - Read

9PM - Lights out

Personally, I've never been much of an evening person, so this totally works for me to go to bed earlier. By 9pm I'm able to fall asleep quickly and I often wake-up at 3:59am before my alarm. I do this all days of the week to maintain consistency and predicability for my body and overall productivity is a bonus, too! (Believe me it becomes addicting to be this productive first thing in the morning!)

Note: I've worked hard to figure out my routine for the past year, so if it seems like a lot, it's because I've worked up to it by stacking habits over time within my routine and I find in this season of life this is what works best.

A Morning Routine Can Be Compared To A Ritual For Self

This is a ritual of self-care and love and one that can be the difference between an average, day, year, life or a great one. Taking the time to give yourself self-care is an act of self-respect and one that we are all worthy of.

What does your morning routine look like? Is it super simple, yet effective? Or do you have a multi-step process? If you're not on the intentional AM routine train, are you thinking of starting? Let us know in our DMs on our socials below!

In strength,
Coach Zeng

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